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Road Trippin

Road Trippinis a peak behind the curtain of a comedian on the road, making strangers laugh while trying to deal with his demons…female fans.  In this book, Jeff Hodge, a veteran stand-up comic, talks about his road experiences; events that “civilians” could never truly imagine.  However, as Jeff takes his readers on this journey of fun and laughter, one begins to wonder; do the highs outweigh the lows?  Does the fun top the danger?  And what does it all mean when the stage lights are turned off and the next city waits?

Road Trippin examines and answers these questions as we track Jeff from his middle-class, Caribbean Island upbringing to America, where his dreams of performing were realized along with the adulation of female fans everywhere.  But all the girls in the world can’t seem to fill the loneliness he carries with him, moving from town to town bringing the life to the party, but secretly wishing for that one special lady he can truly call his own.


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