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My response to Mitt Romney not releasing his taxes

Dear Mr. Romney & Mr. Ryan,
Take your 2 years of tax returns an SHOVE ‘EM.  We’re not here to demand anything more or less than we have of every presidential, vice presidential and every important office holder in America that we ever have — of YOU or anyone else.  This is not about what YOU offer, Mr. Romney & Mr. Ryan. This is about what WE offer.WE are your boss, WE are your employer, WE are your country.  We are the people people that get to decide if we’re going to hire you for the position of President & Vice President of The United States.  You do what WE say — not what YOU offer.  Your offer of only releasing 2 years of Tax returns is an insult. Your arrogance is an insult. Your belief that all the rest of us except you and a handful on the right are stupid is an insult.

You aren’t here to tell us what YOU are prepared to offer.  We are here to tell you what we will accept of you as a minimum in order to be our leader, to make our policies, to dictate what is good and fair to all citizens, not just some and especially not when the benefactors or your vision are exclusive to the Elite, the already fabulously wealthy and the already disgustingly powerful.
If you have no more than an “offer” to the American people and to the great country that made you what you are; delivered you to where you are and celebrated what is of the people, by the people and for the people, then Mr. Romney & Mr. Ryan, SHOVE IT.This is a job interview. Apparently both of you want to set a different set of rules than all previous candidates. Either you can comply with the wishes of those who you wish to govern or you can reapply during open enrollment in 2016.

OBAMA 2012

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  1. Indeed. How dare they not comply. They seem to be slipping back into that old “Business As Usual” frame of mind. That seems to be what got us into this financial mess in the first place. And you’re right. We are their boss. As Americans we have to realize that “we, the people” are choosing the person to guide us out of this crap-hole. What they’re selling smells like the same ole shittake mushrooms!