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101+ Ways To Keep A Man

Finally a book about men, written by men for women. A how-to guide instructing women how MEN think and what MEN really want in a relationship.

1. Don’t take advice from a woman that don’t have a man, can’t get a man or can’t keep a man. (Misery likes company).

2. When a man says leave him a lone, leave him alone. (Don’t read more into the situation than it calls for.)

3. Don’t ask questions you really don’t want to know the answers to. (Does my butt look big in this dress?)

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101+ Ways to Tell When the Relationship Is Over

A book for women of all ages, sizes and color. This book offers insight into the mentality of a man and some of the things men do when they are no longer interested in being with you.

1. He moves and doesn’t give you his new address.

2. You start going through his cell phone history to see who he has been talking to.

3. He gives you an STD.

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 101+ Ways To Tell If The Person You’re Dating Is Crazy
A how-to guide instructing women how to tell if the person they are dating is mentally unstable. It is sure to help you avoid individuals who may be more wrong for you than right.

1. He asks you to marry him after the first three dates.

2. You meet him at a mental institute.

3. He has several restraining orders against him.

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101+ Ways To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

A collection of funny excuses and stories that former student of Jeff’s traffic school classes have used to get out of moving violations over the years.

1. I just ordered a Domino’s pizza and I want to beat the driver to my house.

2. My wife is about to become pregnant  and I want to be there when it happens.

3. I’m dyslexic so I thought I was going 28 not 82.

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Pet Peeves- Things That Tick Me Off About Driving

Everyone who has ever driven a car should read this book. Not only does it tell you how to deal with your pet peeves, but it does so in a humorous way. You’re sure to get a laugh (or more life insurance) when you read what some motorists have done in life-threatening situations.

1.The safest place for your kids in the car is in your trunk with some duct tape on their mouth.

2. At a railroad crossing, who has the right of way… you car or the train? One student asked, “Which way is the train going?”

3. A big pet peeves of mines, “Cops pulling me over!” You would think  they have nothing better to do than bother hardworking taxpayers and eat donuts. (Geesh!)

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101+ Ways To Stay Awake when On The Road

A collection of funny methods former students of Jeff’s traffic classes have used to stay awake when they found themselves nodding of behind the wheel.

1. Pick up a hitchhiker. (It’s kind of hard to sleep while you’re worrying about what he might do to you.

2. Sick your finger in the cigarette lighter.

3. Pull over and get some road head (if you don’t know what road head is, stick to number 1 & 2).

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